Living with Laryngectomy

Going through a total laryngectomy means breathing through a stoma, instead of your nose and mouth. While a laryngectomy means there will be change, it is still possible to live a fulfilling life. Listen to the voices of Roy, Tore and Walter and hear their stories.

Roy's Voice

Listen to Roy’s story and how Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice gives him the freedom to speak hands-free while cooking or driving a car.

Tore’s voice

Hear Tore tell how Provox voice prostheses and Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice help him lead an active life.

It all started with a small bump on the neck that Tore and the doctors thought was harmless; however, further investigation proved that a total laryngectomy was needed. Just one week later, the surgery was performed.

When Tore returned back home, he soon learned to speak again and was able to go back to the job that he loved. He kept working for another 16 years before he retired.

One thing that Tore has practiced since day one is openness about the fact that he has had a total laryngectomy. In his opinion, this makes it a lot easier to meet new people and live an active life again.

When Tore reflects upon living with his laryngectomy for more than 20 years, there is not much of a difference from before to after his surgery. He had to stop sailing because of the stoma but besides that, he has been able to continue doing what he loves – i.e. playing golf, being with friends and family, and travelling. Often, he does not even think of the fact that he has been laryngectomized.

Walter's voice

Meet Walter and learn how Provox XtraHME helps him lead an active life after his total laryngectomy.

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