As a clinician you play an important role in the rehabilitation of your patient. At Atos Medical we have a large portfolio of products available. Each patient needs to be approached individually to ensure he/she receives the products most suitable to him or her and knows how to use these products in the right way. To help you and the patient to get the most out of the products and use them in the best way possible, we have developed CareTips, Emergency Resuscitation Card and other resources to help support laryngectomees.


  • Topic 1: Daily Care of Your Voice Prosthesis – Provox® Brush and Flush
  • Topic 2: Provox® XtraHME™
  • Topic 3: Provox® LaryTube™ – When and How to Use
  • Topic 4: Provox® LaryButton™ – When and How to Use
  • Topic 5: Provox® Adhesives
  • Topic 6: Occluding Your Stoma with an HME
  • Topic 7: Provox® Voice Prosthesis – Is Your VP Leaking Chart
  • Topic 8: Artificial Larynx
  • Topic 9: Artificial Larynx Basic Training
  • Topic 10: What To Do If Your VP Falls Out
  • Topic 11: Things to Do to Prepare for Traveling
  • Topic 12: How You Can Help A Loved One Before and After a Laryngectomy
  • Topic 13: TheraBite® Guidelines
  • Topic 14: Extending the Life of Your Voice Prosthesis
  • Topic 15: Provox® FreeHands FlexiVoice™
  • Topic 16: Using the Provox® HME Adaptor
  • Topic 17: Occluding Your Stoma without an HME
  • Topic 18: Abdominal Breathing
  • Topic 19: Improve Your Speech
  • Topic 20: Breathing through a Stoma
  • Topic 22: How to use Provox® Luna®

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Rescue breathing for people with a laryngectomy

Laryngectomized people are neck breathers. Therefore oxygen and rescue breathing need to be administered to the person’s stoma and not to their mouths or noses.  Below are some resources to help in cases of emergency.

Rescue Breathing for Laryngectomees And other Neck Breathers
Rescue Breathing for Laryngectomees And other Neck Breathers
  • Guide to Rescue Breathing
Emergency Resuscitation Card