Provox Laryngectomy Pulmonary Kit (LPK)

Immediate post-operative pulmonary care system enhances patient outcomes.*

Provox Laryngectomy Kits provide all-in-one packaging for immediate post-operative 24/7 pulmonary rehabilitation and the option for ready-to-use surgical placement of the Provox Voice Prosthesis. The kits feature Provox Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs) – approved for 24-hour use, even while sleeping!

Clinical studies have shown that most laryngectomized patients who use a Provox HME twenty-four hours a day, even while sleeping, experience reductions in:

Mucus production* Coughing and forced expectoration*

Immediate postoperative use of a Provox HME in comparison to external humidification results in decreased costs, decreased adverse events (mucus plugs) in the hospital, decreased coughing, better compliance and fewer problems sleeping. Higher overall patient and nursing satisfaction is also reported.*

Provox Laryngectomy Pulmonary Kits provide convenient all-in-one packaging supporting pulmonary care as well as communication needs.

Contact your Atos Medical Representative for LPK details.

Non-sterile, for single patient use. *Data on file.

For Clinician Use Only.

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