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The aim of the website is to provide easy access to information for anyone who will or has undergone a total laryngectomy, and their family and friends. won first place in the website category of the Digital Communication Awards 2022.


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Undergoing a total laryngectomy

Receiving the diagnosis of laryngeal cancer with the recommendation that you undergo a total laryngectomy can be a difficult time. It is important that patients receive easy access to reliable information on what to expect throughout their treatment course.

Hope, inspiration, support, and information

We are confident that by using this site, total laryngectomy patients and their families and friends can find hope, inspiration, support, and information that will address their needs and make this challenging time easier and more manageable.


Quick facts about The Laryngectomy Site

  • Atos Medical is the sponsor of
  • The content is validated by an international medical advisory board, which is a multidisciplinary group of key opinion leaders consisting of head & neck surgeons, medical speech pathologists, and nurses.
  • The site structure is based upon the patient’s experience along the various phases before and after a total laryngectomy.
  • At launch, the supported languages are English, French, German and Spanish.

Hear Morten reflect on his total laryngectomy experience

As part of his total laryngectomy in 2020, Morten had his entire larynx removed. In this interview, he shares stories from his life before the surgery and what it looks like now as well as adaptations he has made.

Hear Morten reflect on his total laryngectomy experience